Visits for adult groups in Vézelay

'In order to fully comprehend the scale of this is indispensable to make a stop  at the Visitor's Centre.'. Agence Traditours, Montreal.

So as to allow as to cater as fully as possible for your expectations as the leader of a group visiting Vézelay, and in order to inform you of the most suitable workshops  for your group available at the Visitor's Centre, or with its close associates, please contact us on +33 (0) 3 86 32 34 65, or by e-mail

A guided Visit at the Visitor's Centre

This visit will help you to better see and understand the Basilica of Vézelay. 'This stop at the Visitor's Centre is absolutely essential for all those who wish to really discover this shrine, and indeed an entire universe. As we do not naturally possess the necessary map with which to successfully navigate this universe, the guided tour at the Visitor's Centre furnishes us with the means to do so, providing fascinating elucidation and commentary, indispensable to true visual encounter with the Basilica...' Le petit Futé. Find out more

Making your way around the Basilica

There are various ways in which you may make your way around the Basilica. You can do so at your  own pace, or accompanied by a guide, usually the same guide who led the Scenographic visit at the Visitor's Centre. In the latter case, the guide will accompany you around the Basilica according to an itinerary that privileges silence and a sensitive encounter with the building. You will be provided with a 'visitor's book'. Alternatively, you can follow a guided tour provided by the Basilica's own tour-guide service. Find out more

The Sculpture Workshop

What can the stones of the Basilica still tell us, as inhabitants of the 21st century This workshop aims to  enlighten and provide the visitor who wishes to immerse himself more deeply in the universe of the Basilica with the wherewithal to forge  links between the past and present.

The 'art of seeing' workshop

Sometimes, simply looking isn't enough in order to truly see. Pencil in hand, set off through the Basilica in search of its builders, whilst allowing yourself to be inspired by its magnificent  masterpiece.