Vezelay "Eternity's Hill"

Witness to a rich history and spiritual heritage, the Basilica dominates a picturesque village.
With the relics of Saint Mary Magdalen Vezelay became one of the most important holy places of the Christian world in the 11th century.
The basilica, with its perfect proportions, is a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture. The light inside gives the building its unfathomable depth. The beauty and the meaning of the sculpture is quite unique.
Vézelay, classed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is a living shrine and attracts pilgrims, artists and visitors from all over the world.

La colline de Vézelay

When the XIIth century speaks to the XXIst...

The Basilica at the top of Burgundy’s “eternal hill”, is like a great open book, made of stone and light.
But looking is not always sufficient for seeing…
How can one penetrate this universe of harmony, understand its secrets ?
At the Visitor Centre the guides welcome you and enable you to discover the skills of the craftsmen and the monk-builders.
And so you will be able enter into the spirit of this treasure-house, the stonework and its symbols.
It will then be time to visit or to rediscover one of humanity’s masterpieces !