At the Visitor Centre

Petit futé article Maison du Visiteur à Vézelay 2016Vézelay :"Gain a more valuable insight and understanding of the Basilica"
Le petit futé 2016

"An illuminating experience" Afar Travel Guide

Experience and understand :

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What you can not only see at certain times of the day, the slideshow offers you all year round

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Summer solstice, winter solstice : what dialogue between stone and sun ?

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A plan on the model of a body

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How do these capitals speak to us today ?

"In the shadow of the light"

A slideshow projected onto a giant wall-screen unveils via the architecture and the sculpture of the Basilica the extraordinary encounter betweeen stone and light. See an extract of the slideshow

The symbolism of the light

A model reproduces the path of the sun over the Basilica, offering an introduction to the symbolism of light in the Basilica.

The architecture and its history

An detailed description and commentary of the plan of the Basilica provides you with the wherewithal to get your bearings in terms of the historical context of the building, the architectural techniques used, and its inherent symbolism. This will serve as an aid as you make your way through this vessel of stone

The sculpture

Reproductions bring the capitals that adorn the Basilica's columns down to eye-level, and invite you to read the sculpted images in their original context, and to listen to their timeless message


Logo Madame Figaro

Anyone who has ever climbed to the summit of the hill in Vezelay will know just how overwhelming the first encounter with the vessel of stone and light that is the romanesque Basilica of St. Mary Magdalen. So, if you are thinking of making a trip, stop off first at the Visitor's centre. It's easy to find: slap-bang half way up the hill, on the right. It looks like a house painted by Van Gogh. Go in and see the slide-show (thirty minutes of beauty, pure and unadulterated), and then go down into the cellar to see the model for an introduction to the play of the light on the stone, and to be given an introduction into how to dechipher the symbols contained in the capitals.

As you step inside the Basilica, it will open up to you like the most beautiful of books.