Making your way through the Basilica


In Vezelay, the guided tour run by the Visitor's Centre provides you with 'indispensable information' (Petit Futé 2014) with which to better visually explore and understand the Basilica. As a result, you will be entirely prepared to visit or rediscover this 'masterpiece of humanity'. You can make your way through the Basilica in various different ways:

vezelay-solstice-eteMaking your way through the Basilica alone

For individuals: strengthened by the guided tour in the Visitor's Centre, and with the memory of all the references brought up during the tour still fresh in your mind, you is invited to make their way through the Basilica at your own pace.

Guided Groups: After the guided tour in the Visitor's Centre, the guide accompanies the group around the Basilica.

Making your way through the Basilica in the company of a Guide

For groups and school-parties : following on from the guided tour in the Visitor's Centre, the Centre's guide accompanies the visitors around the Basilica according to an itinerary that privileges silence, and a sensitive encouter with the building. It encourages a personal involvement in the discovery of the surrounding space and  sculpture.

The Visitor's book :

For school groups : at the conclusion of the guided tour in the Visitor's centre, each young person or student and each teacher or supervisor will receive a visitor's book which will help the student consolidate and maintain an active discovery of the Basilica, with the help of their teacher. It contains a comprehensive map of the interior of the building, a questionnaire which corresponds chronologically to the student's progress around the building, a capital to dechipher, and some blank pages on which to draw and write. This book is perfectly suited for all classes from year 7 up to year 9, and can also be used as an aid for discussion between pupils and teacher after the visit.

Guided tours provided by the Basilica

After your visit to the Visitor's Centre, you can also follow the tour-programme offered by the Basilica's own  guided tour service

N.B: It is not permitted to walk around the Basilica just before or directly following religious services.