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In Vézelay, the Visitor's House:
a heritage approach through artistic experience

Basilica of Vézelay down side with light stripes

The mission of the Visitor's House at Vézelay is not to teach the theological content of the Christian faith. It is also not the evocation of the only material dimension of the building, which would amount to emptying it of its substance.
Neither theological teaching nor purely technical, the Visitor's House offers a teaching through the artistic experience. The reception of beauty predisposes everyone to broaden their field of perception. Developing a quality of presence to what he hears and sees, the visitor is joined by the testimony of the builders.
At Vézelay, it is steeped in a know-how familiar with the mystery, imbued with the Scriptures and carried by the impetus of faith of a society of builders and walkers.
The contemplative approach of this heritage is a way of following suit to those who, in the midst of the turmoil of their centuries, have been able to pave the way for humanity and eternity.

Be a visitor to the school of Romanesque beauty

In the words of Jean Scot Erigène in the 9th century, "whether it be arithmetic, geometry, music or astronomy, man can only discover the laws of harmony, he can not to invent ". The construction is a reflection of this harmony that the builders endeavored to retranscribe in the microcosm of the church. Beauty emerges as naturally. To experience the consistency of this Romanesque beauty, the path of artistic experience is a royal road.
In the aesthetic emotion, the space of an instant, body, heart, sensitivity and intelligence adjusted to the same tuning fork, combine with all their fibers to perceive the real in all its thickness and finally the extraordinary vibration of the universe, this universe that the Romanesque man sees in the image of God who created "in order, measure and beauty".
"As much as the air we breathe, our utilitarian society has a vital need for grace. Never more obviously than today, art, that is to say the spiritual implementation of our senses, has been so vital ". Dominique Ponnau, former director of the Ecole du Louvre.

Basilica of Vézelay second carved spiral