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The Look Workshop

Vézelay Basilica Workshop of the Gaze

Nothing better looks than the hand that applies to reproduce or describe. In-depth visit, the workshop of look offers to those who already know the basilica to return pencils in hand.

It's about taking the time to seeto be caught, to impregnate by a ray of light, the momentum of a perspective, the detail of an ornament or the drape of a sculpture, a brand of stonemason engraved on the ground ... and to retranslate them into drawings or in words, according to the desire of each. An artistic exercise, at the model school, to better resonate with the 12th century master builders.

Come and talk to the artist-builders. A time of exchange between participants will then allow you to cross your eyes and your impressions.


Duration : 2 H15 The preparation for the workshop and the sharing of the experience are done at the Visitor's house. The personal work in the basilica is about ¾ hours.

  • Participation in the Atelier du Regard does not require any special skills in the field of drawing or writing.

  • Drawing material is provided.

  • The discovery workshop is recommended beforehand.

  • The Atelier du Regard is very complementary to the Marquee Reading Workshop

Adults: 12 € / pers with a minimum package of 120 €
School: 6 € / pers with a minimum fee of 90 €

03 86 Phone 32 35 65
E-Mail maisonduvisiteur@orange.fr

Recommended to school groups and associations, friends and family
It is better to live the workshop of the front look the discovery workshop at the Visitor's House

Basilica of Vézelay Workshop of the Gaze