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Reading the Sculpture

Basilica of Vézelay at winter solstice illuminated capitals

In the stone of the capitals, In the twelfth century, sculptors carved images of their daily life, their faith and their vision of the world. Mischievous or solemn, astonishing and sometimes confusing, sumptuous most often, they transmit humble messages and powerful teachings that it is not always easy to read. How to understand them? What do they still have to say to the men of the 21st century?

The marquee reading workshop proposes an approach that is both spontaneous and scholarly. Each participant is invited to give his feelings, his interpretation. The guide offers historical landmarks and elements of translation of the symbolic language used by artists. This dialogue with the stone brings from the bottom of the ages answers to universal questions that can still be very personal today..

In practice

In order to the groups et the school, this workshop is organized reservation.
In order to the individual, the Visitor's House offers workshops reading capitals in the month of December around the winter solstice, when the capitals are lit live at certain times of the day. Dates and times are published on our facebook page

Duration : 2 H 30

Groups: minimum package 10 people, 240 € and 18 € per additional person
School: minimum package 10 people, 120 € and 9 € per additional student
Individuals: 20 € pp.

Before attending this workshop, it is advisable to follow the Visitor Centre tour or at least having already made a first discovery of the basilica.

Basilica of Vézelay the moulinmystique

Marquee Reading Workshop: flow

Firstly :

  • Receive
    The participants of the workshop are invited by the guide to meet around the same marquee for to be "listening" to the image and to name the forms down to the details.
  • Lira
    Then in the light of biblical tradition, patristic and in some cases reference to other ancient sources, the guide invites readers to read the links between images and writings.
  • To interpret
    With a first look at the image offered by the craftsman and a reading enlightened by tradition, each in silence takes the time to make sculpture his own word.

In a second time :

  • transmit
    The group is formed as a duet or trio. Each small group will be entrusted with the discovery of a new marquee that he will explore according to the previous step to guide the eyes of all workshop participants. This time or one makes the stone speak is a way to make it heard in the present, to make life spring up for today, in short to actualize it; when the 12rd talk to 21rd !
Basilica of Vézelay Daniel in the lions' den