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In the Basilica of Vézelay

Adult groups in Vézelay, accompanied path in the Basilica

Adult groups and families

The Visitor Centre accompanies the group in the basilica groups following the Visitor Centre tour. The guide accompanies the participants in the basilica. He favors each person's sensitivity and making his or her own experience allowing a more personal encounter with the architecture and sculpture.

Groups accompanied by their own guide
After the Visitor Centre tourthey visit the basilica with their guide. If they wish they can continue with the guide of the the Visitor Centre.

Individuals and those who prefer to visit alone

Each participant of the Visitor Centre tour recieves a roadmap. It enables them to make their way through the basilica at their own pace, enlightened by the reference points recieved at the Visitor Centre.

If you want to visit the basilica before (or without, but it's a shame) participating in the Visitor Centre tour, we offer you some tips to accompany you. Download here soon (page under construction)

School and student groups

The Visitor Centre accompanies school and university groups in the basilica groups after the Visitor Centre tour.
The visitor's notebook for schoolchildren up to 5ème
In order to enable students to become actively and personally involved in the visit of the basilica, each of them receives a visitor's notebook. It includes a plan-circuit, a questionnaire that accompanies them through the building, a sculpture to discover and a space to draw or write. LThis notebook is also a valuable medium for exchanges between teachers and students after the visit.

Duration: 45mins - 1h

4€50 pp with a minimum package of 45 €. The Visitor Centre takes care of the reservation. The donation to the Basilica is included.
The visitor's notebook 1€50 per notebook

RESERVATIONS: + 33 (0) 3 86 32 35 65 E-mail

Path in the basilica of vézelay

AN ESSENTIAL "If you plan to visit the Basilica of Vezelay, go first to the Visitor's House. You will receive all the information to prepare your visit and make the most of the basilica moreMalmédy, Belgium

INDISPENSABLE to understand the Light of VEZELAY "A wonderful welcome by Véronique and Christopher, passionate people who know how to transmit the love of this magical and sacred place ..." Sylvie, Culture in Freedom

EXCEPTIONAL "The visit is fascinating and the way it is done so successful. The goal of instructing the visitor on the secrets of the magnificent basilica of Vézelay is more than achieved. Bravo" UL