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The Visitor's House of Vézelay,
an essential stop

The Visitor's House, Vézelay

High ground of the spiritual heritage of humanityUNESCO-listed and built on a remarkable site, Vézelay attracts nearly one million visitors every year. For many of them, the entrance to the famous Basilica of Mary Magdalene is a shock, aesthetic, interior.

But how to seize, time for a short visit, often in the crowd, the richness and depth of this heritage architectural and spiritual and the message he sends us beyond the centuries?

The Visitor's House offers an original approach, both cultural and sensitive, of this masterpiece of humanity, to allow everyone to apprehend him in a personal way.

The Visitor's House is open to all audiences. In visit to Vézelay, individual, groupes ou school, schedule your stopover at the Visitor's House yourself by choosing the accompaniment you are interested in among the proposed activities:

AN ESSENTIAL "If you plan to visit the Basilica of Vezelay, go first to the Visitor's House. You will receive all the information to prepare your visit and make the most of the basilica moreMalmédy, Belgium

INDISPENSABLE to understand the Light of VEZELAY "A wonderful welcome by Véronique and Christopher, passionate people who know how to transmit the love of this magical and sacred place ..." Sylvie, Culture in Freedom

EXCEPTIONAL "The visit is fascinating and the way it is done so successful. The goal of instructing the visitor on the secrets of the magnificent basilica of Vézelay is more than achieved. Bravo" UL