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Visits them 1, 15, 28, 29, 31 December 2018 and 2, 3, 4, 5 January 2019 to 13h30.

The basilica of Vézelay in winter offers itself as a sumptuous receptacle of light : candid projections of the beams reaching the images of the capitals or forming steps of light on the flagstones of the alleys.
On a cloudy day, the stones radiate with their shades of ocher and opal...
The light seems to come from within.
While walking in the abbey accompanied by the guide, discover the news of the lyrics deposited in the stone and taste the harmony of its volumes ...
Finally, in at the Maison du Visiteur, around the models, the guide will explain craftsmanship and the symbolism of the play of light wanted by the builders.

Meeting at the Visitor's House. Duration: 1h45. Price: 12 € 50, reduced 10 €


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This summer and autumn, the visitors who visited the Visitor's House continued to be very appreciative:

At the beginning of November we received by email the following message:

Extraordinary visit! A fascinating introduction to the search for light of the builders of the Middle Ages and their formidable know-how. Meditation on the thirst for beauty and inner truth of the man of every age and every creed. Precious preparation to discover the Basilica ... Thank you for your warm welcome! Isabelle (Brussels).

And here are some examples put on the site of Tripadvisor:

Instructive A very complete tour and 360 lighting on the basilica and its history. I highly recommend this visit ...

an essential passage before visiting the basilica
A well-made slide show and a lecture on how the basilica was built in relation to the sun's course. We were all absolutely captivated.
This is a place that breathes intelligence ...

If Romanesque vs. passionate art and want to deepen your knowledge, this is the place. Listening to them before the visit of the so called is obligatory if vs are curious. 08 / 2016 tour
Useful in addition to visiting the basilica
I am happy to be the 100e to submit an opinion, and confirm the interest of this visit which is a nice introduction to the visit of the basilica, especially on the meaning and spiritual significance of this magnificent church. To report the quality of the presentation by an inspired guide.
And there was light!
What intelligence and benevolence are here dispensed by the House of the Visitor to bring us into the symbolism of the builders of a time wrongly considered as obscure.
Made before or after a first approach of the Basilica, this visit gives us a deeper and more interior look allowing us to enter more intensely in its Light. Thank you to the Visitor's House for putting us on the Way.
The Visitor's House takes us on a very poetic and scientific approach to the site of the Basilica. The guides make us meet the builders, familiarize us with their measuring tools, their techniques of taming the light following the course of the sun over a year. It is a must for anyone who wants to understand the site, managed by people of great culture with the gift of transmitting their knowledge in a passionate and exciting way. Unmissable before visiting the Basilica.
The visit is fascinating and the staging very successful. The goal of instructing the visitor on the secrets of the magnificent basilica of Vézelay is more than achieved. Bravo