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The History Themed Walk

The hill of Vézelay with the Basilica behind tree

For ten centuries, whether one is crossed, sovereign or humble pilgrim, it is on foot that Vézelay is conquered. And if the climb is sometimes a little rough, it is also unforgettable. The historic walk offers you relive the history of Vézelay in the most vivid way and the most effective: with your feet.

From the village of Asquins, at the foot of the hill, starting point of one of the four tracks of the pilgrimage of Compostela, through the site of the Cordelle where Saint Bernard launched the second crusade in 1146, through the vineyard trail and the ramparts, put your steps in those of the great figures of the medieval city, with our guide.

And do it yourself the millenary and unique experience of the climb to the church of Mary Magdalene, with the progressive discovery of the view that offers around this exceptional natural site and the seizure that accompanies the entrance to the basilica.


Duration : 1 H 45 in full medieval times! The guide answers all your questions today about the pilgrimages of yesteryear, the adventure of the Crusades and their legitimacy, the figure of Saint Mary Magdalene and her relics ...

Adults: 12 € / pers with a minimum package of 120 €
School: 6 € / pers with a minimum fee of 90 €

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Recommended to school groups and associations, friends and family
It is better to live the historic walk before the discovery workshop at the Visitor's House
Provide clothing and walking shoes taking into account weather

Vezelay Compostela walking pilgrim