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The great tympnaum in the Basilica of Vezelay

"The New Adam's Dance", the film on the sculpture of the large tympanum of the Basilique de Vézelay, a symbolic journey proposed by the House of the Visitor

"Look at me, seems to tell us this little
caterpillar man, look at me well;
the position seems impossible to hold and
yet, you can not imagine to
how nice she is: I breathe ...
my skull resting on the plant of
my feet, as if earth and sky are
joined! "

Under the impulse of a new energy, all the inhabitants of this tympanum, men and animals, plants and constellations, also begin their dance around Christ, "New Adam". This film is a symbolic journey. Thanks to exceptional photos, he invites to sneak into the folds of the stone. It makes vibrate a universal word that outstanding craftsmen, remained anonymous, send us since the XIIe century. It offers all, visitors or pilgrims, big or small, simple landmarks for a deep reading, a wonder that suspends the passage of time.

"The Man returned", medallion located at the top of the large tympanum of the Basilica of Vézelay.
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