Lights at the summer and winter solstice in the basilica

Summer and winter meetings in the Basilica.

The Basilica of Vézelay was built in close connection with the course of the sun. It is inhabited by light. His dance with stones, unique in the world, culminates in the winter and summer solstices. We can take you to the Basilica on these days for an unforgettable experience. Finally at the Visitor's House, around the models, the guide will explain the know-how of the craftsmen and the symbolism of the play of light desired by the builders.

Lights of the solstice in the Basilica of Vézelay
Lights of the solstice in the Basilica of Vézelay

Summer solstice visits of Vezelay's Basilica

At Saint John the Baptist's solstice, in the glory of summer, a sumptuous path of light with impeccable geometry is made by the sunlight down the central aisle of the nave .

It leads to the altar itself bathed in sunlight.
The entire Basilica is radiant, glowing.

We do not recommend that you come on June 21 to see the Midsummer Light Path due to the influx of visitors. Come before or after: lhe path of light is visible throughout the month of June.

Visit to the winter solstice

The Basilica of St. Mary Magdalene at the Winter Solstice

At the winter solstice, the basilica becomes a sumptuous vessel glowing with the light of the sun. Its rays illuminate pillars, flagstones and capitals with the precision of a theater projector.
On cloudy days, the stones seem to radiate from within their shades of ocher and opal.

While walking in the abbey with our guide, you will discover the topicality of the words deposited in the stone and you will see how the cutters of these stones played with the shade and the light to sculpt while creating the harmony of the volumes ...

Practical details

Duration : 1h45,
13:30 p.m .: meeting at the Visitor's House
Rates per person : Adults 15 € / Groups 13 € / 13-24 years old, pilgrims, job seekers 10 € / 7-12 years 7 €


Visits open to all: see calendar below.
To the groups dates and times on request. Minimum package 130 €.
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