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Who are we

The Visitor's House of Vézelay

Our team, our history

We are a small group of passionate about architecture and art history, in love with the eternal hill and its jewel, the basilicainstalled for this reason in Vézelay for more than twenty years.

With our association "Présence à Vézelay", for ten years we guided visitors to the basilica alongside the Franciscans who were in charge. A beautiful experience that made us take the measure of the attraction still exercised today this masterpiece of the twelfth century but also the host of questions it raises. We wanted to create a place to answer it. A peaceful place because in the basilica, in full wind or summer, in the crowd of great days, it is difficult for the visitor to capture all the artistic and spiritual wealth of such an exceptional work.

The Visitor's House opened in 2003. We are four, currently, to animate it. Hélène studied at the Louvre, Véronique a guide-lecturer, Christopher a master of arts at Cambridge, Elizabeth, and classical literature. Every year, young volunteers join us. Student guides, students in architecture or art, they enrich our project with their enthusiasm and the questioning of their generation. By the way, if some of you are tempted ...

Our approach

For us, the discovery of a heritage such as Vézelay does not only involve the acquisition (or recall) of historical, architectural or artistic knowledge. It is first a personal encounter with a work of art recognized as a masterpiece of humanityprecisely because it has the power to address, intimately, everyone.

The House of the Visitor aims to facilitate this individual meeting. That is why, while giving cultural references necessary for understanding, we offer the visitor a more personal approach that appeals to his senses and his participation. To open the eyes, to facilitate the feeling seems to us essential to allow everyone to appropriate this heritage.

Hélène Ramin, Véronique Feugère, Elizabeth Toulet, Christopher Kelly

"In Romanesque art, everything harmonises: volumes, acoustics, play of light, carved ornamentation. It addresses the whole man, body, heart and mind, by a more intuitive than explanatory path. It is by the look, the listening, the sensation and the emotion that takes place, today as in the Middle Ages, the encounter with Vézelay, a meeting that can be deeply upsetting ". Hélène Ramin

Hélène Ramin Véronique Feugère and Christopher Kelly vézelay Visitor's House

AN ESSENTIAL "If you plan to visit the Basilica of Vezelay, go first to the Visitor's House. You will receive all the information to prepare your visit and make the most of the basilica ...read moreMalmédy, Belgium

INDISPENSABLE to understand the Light of VEZELAY "A wonderful welcome by Véronique and Christopher, passionate people who know how to transmit the love of this magical and sacred place ..." Sylvie, Culture in Freedom

EXCEPTIONAL "The visit is fascinating and the way it is done so successful. The goal of instructing the visitor on the secrets of the magnificent basilica of Vézelay is more than achieved. Bravo" UL