Training in Heritage Mediation in Vézelay - being a guide at the Visitor's House in 2020

The beauty of Romanesque art comes as a shock.
It triggers an echo which will be all the more ample
that man will be prepared to receive it and respond to it.

Marie-Madeleine Davy

Training aims

  • Training in heritage mediation.
  • Know the Romanesque heritage.
  • Acquire the ability to support audiences of all ages and from all backgrounds in the discovery of heritage.
  • Experiment with an original approach to heritage. See the document “Being a guide at the Visitor's House”.


The guide in training is accompanied by an experienced guide from the Visitor's House.

  • Week 1 and 2 - He receives preparatory training.
  • Week 3 – He guides theDiscovery workshop with the support of his trainer.
  • From the 4rd week - He guides the Discovery Workshop independently.

Training content

Preparatory training

  • Learning the content of theDiscovery workshop
  • Oral and gestural expression workshops.
  • Initiation to the laws of the construction of the abbey of Vézelay.
  • Aesthetic, symbolic and spiritual reading of Romanesque sculpture.

Practical experience

  • Guide the Discovery Workshop for individual and group visitors.
  • Present the film on the large tympanum of the abbey church: "The Dance of the New Adam".
  • Work in co-responsibility with the Maison du Visitor team.

Personalized evaluation with the tutors

  • Regular interviews with permanent guides during the training,
  • Oral assessment at the end of the training.
  • Written report after the training.

To respond to the proposal 

  • Have the desire to convey to an audience.
  • Preferably have followed or follow a course related to the study, mediation, restoration or creation of heritage: history, art history, architecture, archeology ...
  • Take an interest in medieval society.
  • Master the English language enough to welcome and if possible guide.
  • Send a cover letter.
  • Come and meet the team of the Visitor's House: allow around 48 hours to discover the context.

Reception conditions

Accommodation and half board covered by the association if necessary.

Gratuity possible under an internship agreement with the university or training institute.


Duration of training: two to six months from July 2020.


Hélène Ramin:

Elisabeth Toulet:

Find out more about the guide's role at the Visitor's House