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Visit the Basilica of Vezelay enlightened by the Visitor Centre tour

See what you can not see during a visit to the Basilica

Before or after your in situ visit of the Basilica, discover the art and secrets of the monks-builders through a film et a workshop animated by our guides.

Vézelay basilica winter solstice illuminated capitals
Basilica of Vézelay down side with light stripes
The basilica of Vézelay around the winter solstice
Basilique de Vézelay light play on columns
Basilica of Vézelay the moulinmystique
Basilica of Vezelay spiral
Basilica of Vézelay rising sun autor of Easter

The film "In the shadow of the Light"

Original creation of the Visitor's House. Photos: Philippe Brame. Music: Jorge Milchberg, Bertrand Boss ... Realization: the Ateliers des Forges.

In the calm and silence of the projection room:

  • Sneak into the sculpture of the capitals and the great tympanum to see, close up, men, animals and plants, spirals, zodiac signs, seasonal works ...
  • Be inspired by the extraordary encounter between stone and light : sunrise at the equinoxes, the path at the summer solstice, rays fixed on the capitals during the winter solstice ... what you can only see on certain days, the movie offers you all year long!

The Workshop in the Symbols Cellar

Design: Visitor's House. Model of the basilica: Marcel Monnier. Tools of the builders: Patrice Meyer. Scenography: Ateliers des Forges,

The Basilica of Vezelay, a masterpiece of Romanesque art, is the fruit of an exceptional encounter between builders and monks:

  • A solar orientated church,
  • Summer solstice, winter solstice: what a dialogue between stone and sun?
  • A plan in the image of the body ... the divine proportion? the Golden ratio !
  • Cane of the master builder or "freelancer", compass, rope with thirteen knots: the simple and ingenious tools with which Europe has been covered with churches and cathedrals,
  • Capitals reproduced within sight: decipher their timeless messages!
Spiral vezelay visitor's house
Basil model of Vézelay
Vezelay gold number basilica
Golden number Vezelay basilica plan
Vezelay Basilica Chapiteau Visitor's House
Basilica of Vezelay Chapiteau House of the Visitor
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DURATION film and workshop: 1h15
TPrices : Adult 9€ - groups 8€ - reduced 6€ - 6-12 year olds 4€
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Vezelay Basilica Chinese Path

The Visitor Centre also offers various solutions for making your way through the basilica of Vézelay and discovering it from within.

An enlightened visit !!! We arrived early and while waiting for the scheduled group the receptionist introduced us to Vezelay's more global context (historical, geological etc ...). Very nice moment of welcome. Then the commentary during the slideshow and explanations around the model were enlightening. And with great precision on the part of the guide. She knew how to captivate us about the architectural symbolism and the techniques used by the medieval builders ... Brigitte, Lausanne
Transform a visit to the Basilica into an Experience On the main street which rises towards the Basilica, one must know how to stop. Take time to be welcomed as a friend at the Visitor's House. Let yourself be led by listening to bright revelations ... Damaris, Tannay
A great surprise A passionate and empassioned speaker transported us on a journey for over an hour. We went from shadow to light! We were able to admire the knowledge of these monks builders who knew how to harness it. A highly emotional moment to recommend to any visitor to Vezelay. Pierre, Saint Maur des Fosses