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To visit Vézelay and to appreciate at best this high place of the world inheritance of humanity the House of the Visitor advises you to:

Vézelay hill and basilica

Visit Vézelay starting with Discovery Workshop

At the top of the hill, the basilica of Vézelay ...
How to enter this universe of harmony
and understand his laws?
Transform your visit with the Visitor Centre,
Guides will make you discover the know-how
artisans and monks-builders.
Then you will be ready to cross the threshold of the abbey ...
More details to visit Vézelay

Basilica of Vézelay around the low winter solstice

In the Basilica

The Visitor's House offers various help for making your way through the basilica of Vézelay and discovering it from within.
To participants the Visitor Centre tour the Visitor's House offers a road map enables you to make their way through the basilica at their own pace, enlightened by the reference points recieved at the Visitor Centre.
For adult groups and families the Visitor's House offers groups in the Basilica.

An enlightened visit !!! We arrived early and while waiting for the scheduled group the receptionist introduced us to Vezelay's more global context (historical, geological etc ...). Very nice moment of welcome. Then the commentary during the slideshow and explanations around the model were enlightening. And with great precision on the part of the guide. She knew how to captivate us about the architectural symbolism and the techniques used by the medieval builders ... Brigitte, Lausanne
Transform a visit to the Basilica into an Experience On the main street which rises towards the Basilica, one must know how to stop. Take time to be welcomed as a friend at the Visitor's House. Let yourself be led by listening to bright revelations ... Damaris, Tannay
A great surprise A passionate and empassioned speaker transported us on a journey for over an hour. We went from shadow to light! We were able to admire the knowledge of these monks builders who knew how to harness it. A highly emotional moment to recommend to any visitor to Vezelay. Pierre, Saint Maur des Fosses